Vendors List




 NAFCO International has been manufacturing light poles since 1973 and offers full lines of aluminum and steel light poles in straight, tapered and decorative styles. In partnership with its vendors, NAFCO ensures its products are designed and engineered to the highest quality standards to meet customer needs. Although NAFCO has a large, diverse product offering that rivals the industry’s largest competitors, NAFCO’s core values are that of a small business committed to honest and loyal customer support.



Barron Manufacturing Corporation

Since 1973 the Barron Manufacturing Corporation has established a reputation for unsurpassed service and commitment to their customer’s needs. Originally a manufacturer of high quality electronic assemblies, Barron expanded into the emergency lighting industry with the introduction of the Exitronix division and the very first LED exit sign in 1985. The Trace-lite division, added in 2005 and featuring high quality Industrial and Outdoor lighting, has already made a name for itself by following the same philosophy of customer service practiced over the last 30 years.



CGF Design Inc.

CGF Design Inc. is an Illinois-based lighting manufacturing company specializing in the design and production of commercial, industrial, and decorative architectural lighting fixtures. They combine contemporary styling with the latest technology and spec-grade construction to fulfill an assortment of accent and security lighting applications.

In addition, CGF is committed to integrating energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting systems into their product line as demand for “greener” lighting solutions grows worldwide.




D’Lights is a full service manufacturer with over thirty years experience.

They have the capability to produce custom fixtures and designs that satisfy your individual needs.

Their name, D’Lights, more accurately describes the wide range of lighting syles they now manufacture. To ensure absolute control of quality, all D’Lights products are produced and assembled in their Glendale, California facility. In addition to meeting the rugged construction standards of the contract trade, all fixtures are U.L. approved and carefully packaged for damage-free delivery.

They produce, in their factory, lighting that satisfies your needs ranging from traditional to contemporary.




ECHO has had reputable success in manufacturing some of the highest quality lighting systems. An integral part of it’s success is attributed to the ability to excel in the art of creating custom lighting systems, held to the same manufacturing standards as in all of ECHO’s products. The company’s broad line of products range from custom, ornamental, standards, and street and parking lot lighting; as well as concrete and aluminum bollards, steel and aluminum poles, ornamental pole bases, etc.

Within the vast line of products, ECHO offers dark-sky compliant fixtures. Additionally, induction, L.E.D. and Plasma technology systems have been incorporated into a variety of fixtures to assist in achieving “GO GREEN” initiatives that many projects may require.




Since 1973, Exitronix has operated under an internal system for success that we labeled the”Total Quality System”, which is our philosophy of doing business. Exitronix encourages people, through teamwork, to systematically apply the right problem solving tools and techniques to continuously improve the quality of our company and to achieve customer satisfaction through meeting our customer’s expectations the first time and every time.  

All Exitronix products are engineered for quality and dependability. Exitronix uses only the most reliable electronic components and specification grade materials. Every step of manufacturing adheres to stringent quality control guidelines, ensuring safe and reliable means of egress.



GM Lighting

Established in 2004, GM Lighting has been innovative, quality driven and customer service oriented to become a leader in the task and accent lighting market. Initially introducing a well designed, easy to install Xenon undercabinet light fixture, GM has expanded into one of the most complete LED Linear Lighting companies in the United States.

GM Lighting products have always been designed and manufactured with field input from every level of the Lighting business. From showrooms, distributors, contractors and lighting  designers, we are always listening to ideas for new  products as well as how to improve on our current




At HUNZA, they take pride in making high quality outdoor and landscape lighting products, engineered in New Zealand from the best materials, including natural copper, 316 stainless steel and machine-grade alloys. HUNZA Luminaires are weatherproof in any climate and combine extreme durability with timeless styling, a full choice of energy-efficient lamp options and a host of features to enhance customer safety and ease of use. HUNZA provides solutions for all exterior outdoor lighting applications such as step, path, driveway, deck, swimming pool, fountain and water-feature lighting, up-lighting, down-lighting and wall mounted installations. HUNZA lighting products will make your outdoor environment a lasting, valuable extension of your living or work space.

HUNZA Luminaires are approved to international standards ensuring suitability for markets around the world and demonstrating the HUNZA commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. These standards include: AS/NZS, IP, UL/CSA, CE, BS/EN, SASO.




Growlite division, Barron Lighting Group has brought four decades of lighting success to an entirely new space with specialized,  patented indoor horticultural lighting.  This proactive approach,  with proven technology and results will support the development of a growing market,  filling a need that will serve a purpose beyond illumination as this new industry unfolds.




Linmore LED, high efficacy, high performance lighting solutions. DLC approved to minimize energy consumption and maintenance costs.
Linmore LED for warehouse lighting, industrial lighting, office lighting, hospital lighting, commercial lighting and Title 24 lighting.




 Lumaleds We’re a business group of automotive enthusiasts passionate about developing high quality, vehicle centric LED lighting for commercial and recreational applications. But, our commitment and beliefs run far deeper than that. We believe value goes beyond quality materials and a fair price. Things like taking pride in standing behind our products with absolute transparency, being fanatical about servicing our customers needs, and building long-term relationships, are what create true value. It may sound old-school, but these are the core driving factors behind our brand…we are Luma LEDs.




LuxR LED has been specifically developed to meet the challenge of delivering high quality practical lighting, with maximum energy efficiency, and long maintenance-free life.

LuxR light fittings are ingeniously crafted to harness the advantages of LED technology, incorporating a host of unique innovations to minimize energy use, reduce maintenance requirements and simplify installation. The discrete size of the LuxR product range ensures that the right level of light can be delivered where you want it, in a way that optimizes the natural ambiance of your environment.



National Lighting

 A leader in lighting form and function since 1941, when it comes to interior spaces, National Lighting offers superior performance using today’s latest lamp and ballast technologies. They do a tremendous job continuing the architectural design theme for virtually any interior application.

National offers the largest selection of perimeter wall slots to compliment any creative wall feature imaginable. All linear and recess products offered are keeping pace with today’s trends which changes daily.



Pappi Lighting

Pappi Lighting crafts exceptional quality luminaires using only the finest light emitting diodes and drivers on the market today. Our focus has always been to manufacture an over-engineered luminiaire packed with performance, good looks and cutting edge thermal management.

To design and manufacturer world-class luminaires and poles. Servicing our customers demanding applications throughout North America. To set new benchmarks in quality, performance and energy efficiency for all general lighting and petroleum retail illumination applications.



Trace-lite Lighting

Trace-lite Lighting is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting products. A division of Barron Lighting Group, Trace-lite is dedicated to designing, engineering, and manufacturing the highest quality lighting products and combining them with unparalleled value.

Their passion for lighting goes back to 1973 when Barron Lighting Group engineered and manufactured printed circuits and lamp components for the graphic arts industry. Their reputation for service, innovative design and premium grade products has made them a manufacturer of choice among the most discriminating of specifiers.

All Trace-lite products are engineered and manufactured for longevity and performance. Every step of manufacturing adheres to stringent quality-control and testing guidelines and will assure your experiences will be positive.




With a strong focus on the daily lives of people, Sengled is dedicated to the idea that the light bulb can be continuously reinvented to make life better. Sengled constantly innovates; the company currently holds nearly 200 patents and has more than 10 years of experience in the LED illumination research, development and manufacturing sector.



SLP Lighting

Specialty LED Products is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products. A division of Barron Lighting Group, SLP is dedicated to offering the highest quality LED lighting products and combining them with unparalleled value.

Their passion for lighting goes back to 1973 when Barron Manufacturing Corp. engineered and manufactured printed circuits and lamp components for the graphic arts industry. Their reputation for service, innovative design and premium grade products has made them a manufacturer of choice among the most discriminating of specifiers.

All Specialty LED Products are engineered and manufactured for longevity and performance. Every step of manufacturing adheres to stringent quality-control and testing guidelines will assure your experiences will be positive.



SPJ Lighting

 It was at this point in 1998 that Paul decided he could do better if he built the products himself, and SPJ Lighting, Inc. was born. Custom fabrication became a standard at SPJ Lighting. With their motto, “You draw it, they’ll build it,” and “Let your imagination become a reality,” architects and designers enjoyed the benefits of turning each job into a one-of-a-kind signature project. Aerospace specifications were never Paul’s approach; he preferred to use the same specifications used by Picasso, Monet, and Van Gough.

All outdoor lighting fixtures out of the SPJ Lighting catalog are both sturdy and artistic, made from solid brass and copper, a winning combination giving SPJ and Paul Lestz a reputation as the leader in the industry.

Chemical finishes, such as our classic “Matte Bronze” and “Rusty” have changed the landscape lighting world forever and are the envy of our competitors (who have been trying for years to duplicate their signature finishes).  Their finishes are guaranteed for life never to peel or flake



Sunpark Electronics

Sunpark Electronics offers energy saving lighting products. From the very beginning all lighting fixtures for interior as well as exterior applications carries the Energy Star rating. From ceiling fixtures to wall sconces, vanity, outdoor lights, step lights, table and floor lamps.

Today Sunpark offers commercial, industrial and residential products, from the new high lumen T5HO’s down to the small CFL lamps and ballasts. LED sources can also be found in virtually every fixture offered as well as for many retrofit applications.



SAYLITE (Texas Fluorescents) REINVENTED

SayliteSaylite delivers lighting solutions for businesses nationwide, featuring one of the most comprehensive LED selection in the industry. As a family-owned business with a state-of-the-art facility right here in the US, we're uniquely capable of getting you just the lighting you need from a team of experts you can trust.petition.



Tuscan Ironworks

Tuscan Ironworks, with decorative chimney caps as their first offering. Since then, their line has grown to embrace letterboxes, lighting fixtures, window treatments, door hardware and much more…to complement any architectural style.

At Tuscan Ironworks they’re as fanatical about customer service as they are about quality. If you want to put a personal design stamp on your projects, their design department will collaborate  to create your vision. As they like to say, “you draw it, they’ll make it.” And, of course, you can rely on timely delivery and expert installation advice.




When you choose a manufacturer to fulfill your electrical and lighting needs, you generally make your decision based on quality, price and service. Our vision at Westgate Manufacturing is to provide the best quality product at the most competitive price, delivered with the most professional service in the industry.



ZLED Lighting

ZLED Lighting is a manufacturer of innovative energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and retrofit kit.  Since 2009, ZLED has been developing creative lighting solutions utilizing quality components. Our employees come from a variety of local, national, contractor, distributor and manufacturing backgrounds.  This has enabled us to develop a set of marketing tools and strategies to help our customers. Partners become more effective and efficient in providing lighting conversion solutions.